I have too much free time, so on with some fashion talk.


Tomb Raider – My idol since the age of 10 and inspiration to keep a fighting attitude. So welcome to my new venture into fashion blogging.

Hi all,

So this is the start of my brand spanking new blog. My fashion blog to be precise. With the odd link to articles I write from time to time as I’m an aspiring music journalist.

Welcome to ‘My Spleather Addiction’. The name is just an blend of my two fashion obsessions in life – spikes and leather – which kind of go along with the fact I love anything that looks punk/gothic or 90s, and the word sounded cool so I went with it.

I’m at what I would say was an unpredictable time in my life having just finished uni doing a degree in Journalism and now looking for a job in the big wide world of the music industry. But what I also have in between looking for a job and writing for several places is a lot of free time I need something to do with before I go insane!

I’m a typical girl when it comes to clothes – I fucking love them. So much so I usually want something new every day after seeing it on someone else, on the web, on the street or whatever. Some may call it obsession, which it definitely is, but it’s also a passion of mine that I feel I should do something with. I don’t necessarily dress to trends or know the names of every important fashionista in the business. But I love clothes, styling them and making something just look cool, especially if its at a budget price. I’ve learned to be a scrimper after being a student!

So welcome to my world of small expense looks that I hope will inspire you! I’ll also be posting more on my Lookbook, Tumblr, and Instagram so give me a follow fan or hype through the links under the title.

Warning though – I may splurge on some Black Milk leggings soon as their new halloween collection is insane! All the money I save on clothes means I can have one momentary lapse of sense ha!

The only other things you should know about me is that I love Tomb Raider to the point that I wished I was her cause she kicks ass, so I try to have some of that fighting spirit in my own life and Schmitt from New Girl provides constant amusement in my life.

Peace out,



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