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Legging – Punk Rave

Top: Old Topshop

Biker Jacket, Platform Boots, Chain Necklace & Fedora : H&M

It’s been an entire week since my last post! I’ve been so busy with my internship I haven’t had the energy or motivation to post any looks! But today I photographed a tonne that I’ve been wanting to wear so this week won’t be so empty!

I love these leggings! My parents were nice enough to buy them for my birthday last week and their so gorgeous! I would live in them if I could! They were so easy to style too as they pretty much speak for themselves. Punk Rave is a wicked brand!

The name of this one was inspired by The Pretty Reckless and their new single (which is ace by the way and I can’t stop listening to it!). People like Taylor Momsen really inspire my clothing and she’s fearless and fuck. Too much love for women in rock 😀

Peace Out!


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