Expanding the blog!


So its been over a week since my last post! Which is terrible! But I’ve had so little time to sit down with a computer as I’ve been working, been ill and this weekend been to Nottingham to see friends. It was a wicked weekend but I am so so tired and unwell now! But work mush go on tomorrow as much as I’d love (and desperately need) a lie in!

But never fear a post will be going up tonight! Plus I have a little update. I want to start using this blog for more things other than fashion so I’ve added three separate sections at the top for the different types of posts I’ll be putting up. Obviously one is for fashion posts, the next is for posts where I’ll chat about things I get all opinionated about (my boyfriend also gave me the idea to start a YouTube channel to do the same thing so watch this space ;P) and the last one is for all music related things from posting music I like (I love finding new exciting artists!) to talking about whatever and links to work I get published online from gig reviews to features.

I have a lot of passions so I feel it wasn’t right to only have fashion on here! I also love travel and food so that may be another section coming very soon or I should just go ahead and make a misc section!

Hope your all having a relaxed Sunday evening!

Peace out!



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