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Mechanical Mermaing Legging – Black Milk

Top – H&M

Strap Crop Top (worn under top) – Missguided

Biker Jacket, Boots & Fedora – H&M

Waterfall Cardigan – Forever 21

Cross Necklace – Old Topshop

Scarf – Old Primark

I thought I’d show how these leggings can be styled up to keep you warm with layers as well as without. I am in love with these leggings. I’ve loved all of Black Milk designs for a long time but could never afford a pair of their wicked leggings but all my friends from home put their money together to get me these for my birthday a few weeks ago. There so versatile, are made with great fabric and are great now its got a lot colder here in the UK! They are a great day to night piece too and go with anything! The Forever 21 cardigan is one of my favorite pieces as well mainly because of the detail at the back – its so sick! Plus I love layering rather than wearing thick jumpers as I get too warm and like to be able to strip off a little by the time I get into work so it’s perfect for that! The waterfall detail looks great under the biker too! The fedora and scarf were an easy combination to put with this too and as you’ve probably noticed those H&M boots are in a lot of my posts, but they go with everything and make any outfit look a little bit cooler 😉

Peace Out!


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