New Year, New Goals and New Horizons


Hello my very few but loyal followers!

First off I’d like to apologise about my absence from this blog over Christmas! I’ve been unbelievably busy working, seeing my boyfriend as he was back for Barcelona and seeing as many friends as possible before they all went back to uni/full-time work. It’s been hectic but soo good all at the same time.

But now I have some of my free time back it’s time to start working on this blog again! (Good news for you guys!) Back in November (eek!) I said I wanted to expand the blog with new sections on music, rants and discussions (on pretty much anything), food, travel etc, especially as my next goal is to sort out getting my butt over to the other side of the planet!

So I’ll be carrying on with the fashion posts but there just may not be as many as I’ll be posting up other content as well.

I really hope you enjoy what I’ll be writing and hope your having an amazing start to your 2014! This post (and the above picture) is definitely getting me motivated to start looking forward to the future!

If you missed me too much then you can always head over to my Instagram as I’m posting on there all the time about clothing I’ve bought and the things I’m up too!

Have a good day!

Peace out!

Sam 🙂


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