January Style Storm


So I’ve been getting a lot of new clothes lately with Christmas and the sales that followed. So I thought it was about time I did some flat lays to start getting some ideas together for future outfits and hopefully inspire you as well!

New clothes are always the perfect way to get me in a creative mood so I hope you like the looks I’ve put together! I’d love to know your thoughts too!

1. Tartan Rules


I LOVE tartan and I’ve been after the perfect item of clothing for ages! This skirt is gorgeous and it’s actually all thanks to my mother and her incredible dress making skills! The inspiration came from a skirt I saw on Nasty Gal but as shipping and price was a little too much my mum did me a huge favour as the fabric cost very little on Ebay!

THe skirt’s split gives it an amazing rock chick vibe as I would pair this outfit with fish net tights. The crop top is from a brand called Mink Pink which you can find in places like Urban Outfitters or ASOS. My friend actually got me this as a secret santa and it is to die for! It combines all my favourite trends; mesh, velvet and studs, and it goes with practically everything!

In terms of accessories I felt this outfit didn’t need a lot so I just added a simple spike choker, bracelet and clutch. With loosing my Jeffery Campbell virginity last week I couldn’t help pairing my Mulder Platform Boots with this to really finish it off.

2. Tye Dye Midi Madness





I don’t think I anticipated how amazing this midi skirt would be when I bought it from Missguided for a tenner! It’s great to have a skirt that makes a day outfit far more interesting even when you can’t be bothered as its so comfy. That’s why I put a day and night outfit option for this one just to demonstrate that it goes with a lot of stuff!

The night flat lay is paired with a cute white crop top I bought from New Look last year, a cute lace Topshop bralet, an amazing real leather biker jacket from River Island I got for £25 from a very generous Ebayer (I feel a pattern following here haha), one of my favourite day/night bags from Primark (I love the tassel and stud detailing! More rock chick edge! :D) and of course some Primark spike jewellery and my Jeffery Campbell’s.

The day outfit could easily go with the biker as well over the top of this sweet H&M jumper I sniped in the sale. It has great ladder detailing down the side so I got it in white as well. The spike necklace and fringe bag go so well with this too and to keep it casual I’ve put some platform H&M boots with a low heel to finish the look off.

I think I’ll be over-wearing this skirt big time winter and summer!

So there you go just three looks for this post but I really enjoy putting flat-lays together as it’s a great way to get you thinking about what does and doesn’t work together. So expect lots more soon!

I’d love to hear any of your thoughts!

Peace out!

Sam 🙂

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