2014: Get Fit Plan


So another thing I’ve been working on as I saw 2013 out and 2014 in was getting more involved with exercise and keeping fit. Me and my girlfriends have been doing pretty well with keeping up with Zumba fitness classes every week, but it isn’t hard as it’s so much fun! Getting fit, toning those all important muscles and dancing too some great tracks is hard to resist!

But as 2014 begun I decided it was time to treat myself to some new sports gear and clothing as why not look good whilst you work out too! So off I went and it didn’t cost me much at all as most of it was from Primark or in the H&M sale!

This is what I think are the essential basic things you need to start on your get fit plan 🙂



Nike Water Bottle: £4.99 (Sports Direct)

Gym towel: £2.50 (Primark)

Kirby Grips: £1.00 (Primark)

Hair bands: £1.50 (H&M)

Nike Backpack: £15 (Sports Direct)


Sports Bra: £12.99 (H&M)


Sports Tank Top: £7 (H&M Sale)

Fitness Legging: £12.99 (H&M)


Sports Socks: £3.00 (Primark Pack of 3)

Nike Trainers: Pre-owned

All this stuff actually makes you feel so much more confident when your working out as the fit is so good! I love the pattern on the pants and the crossover back on the top and bra. H&M’s new sports campaign collection is beyond amazing with its affordable price and great designs. Everything uses material that’s stretch with quick dry technology. Their newer designs have also been made in partnership with the Swedish Olympic team running up to the winter olympics so you know its going to do its job properly!

The other bits and bobs from Primark and Sports Direct can really be purchased in loads of places but Primark have also just got in a huge sportswear section and its hard not to fall for the cheap prices! Excuse the trainers though, they have been with me since I was a sports freak at school! They’re starting to fall apart though so a new pair of trainers will be needed soon!

I hope this has inspired you to go get active as that’s what everyone seems to be obsessing about at the moment, but in all honesty its such a good stress reliever and makes you feel so much healthier!

One last thing I’d like to mention, I’m not promoting this as a weight loss thing as with being the skinny stick I am I don’t need too as well as also wishing I had the curves some of you girls have! This is purely to inspire people to get active and fit and have fun and feel stylish at the same time! And there is nothing wrong with that as everyone should feel good about themselves!

Peace out!

Sam 🙂 x

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