New Obsession: H&M Parental Advisory Crop Top


Hi all!

I thought I’d start a new kind of post on here called ‘New Obsession’ to feature items of clothing I buy that I can’t stop wearing!

First up I have a black long-sleeved crop top I bought from H&M last week with a ‘Parental Advisory’ sign across the front. It is incredibly versatile and it’s so easy to wear as its stretchy jersey. The long sleeves are great and are one of the main reasons it goes with so many things. It feels so 90’s goth too which I love with that sense of rebellion with the graphic across the front. It add’s a bit of edge to any outfit!

Below is a few shots from this week with just a few ideas of how to wear it, but there are so many more. The styling with Black Milk Clothing’s slicks leggings is my favorite. I kinda wish I had a pair of mega high platform trainers to pair with it! It looks really good with a midi skirt too which instantly opens it up to maxi’s as well. I’ve also tried it with my Missguided leather look pinafore dress and high-waisted bodycon mini skirts. That’s where the longs sleeves come in extra handy as I find with crop tops and mini skirts you can feel a bit exposed! So it’s nice to feel more covered!



Peace out.

Sam :)

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4 thoughts on “New Obsession: H&M Parental Advisory Crop Top

    • That’s fine! I clearly find it easier to part with money! I wear this top a lot though so feel it gets the wear! Good luck with your Diy version! Would love to see it when it’s done 🙂

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