Rock & Raw 2014: Tycho, EMA & Tokyo Police Club

Tycho - Spectre Press shot

Tycho. Photo: Stereo Sanctity

With echoing, cascading riffs, San Francisco- based Scott Hansen takes you too the rolling hills of California with track ‘Spectre’. That summer feeling is getting closer and closer.

ROCK & RAW 2014: Tycho

Tokyo Police Club 2014 photo SMALL

Tokyo Police Club. Photo: Enganche Press

It’s hard hitting indie-rock electro at it’s best with Tokyo Police Club. Taking you back to the energetic and colourful sound of the 80s in track ‘Tunnel Vision’, it could mean big things for their upcoming album at the end of March!

ROCK &RAW 2014: Tokyo Police Club

EMA Press shot

EMA. Photo: Stereo Sanctity

I can’t help myself to a hard rocking female and EMA kicks true Rock n’ Roll ass just like The Runaway’s did in the 70s. ‘So Blonde’ has bite with it’s message on the pitfalls of modern tech culture accompanied with a nostalgic video. Move aside men.

ROCK & RAW 2014: EMA


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