ROCK & RAW 2014: Ida Maria, King Deco, Call It Off, Fabienne & Secret Company


Ida Maria. Photo: UMusic

You must remember this rocking songstress from her ‘I Like You So Much Better When Your Naked’ days. She’s back with an intoxicating raw rock track for 2014. Listen to ‘Sick Of It’ and you’ll realise why she’s always been bloody brilliant.

ROCK & RAW 2014: Ida Maria

King Deco

King Deco. Photo: House of 27 Press.

Another young female putting her firm stamp on dream-infused dance-pop. Sounding similar to Canadian singer Lights, Brooklyn-based singer King Deco has made one killer debut single ‘The One ft Kinetics’ to kick of her career for 2014.

ROCK & RAW 2014: King Deco

Call It Off EP cover

Call It Off. Photo: Domino PR.

These punk pop rocker from the Netherlands will well and truly take you back to the hey day of Green Day and Blink 182. Couldn’t help myself with new track ‘Stuck With You’ from EP ‘Liars’.

ROCK & RAW 2014: Call It Off

Fabienne lor res

Fabienne. Photo: House of 27 Press.

Bringing jazz and soul right back to fore for 2014, Fabienne gifts us with her luxurious vocals and incredible talent. EP ‘City of Shadows’ brings gets us one step closer to those hazy summer afternoons.

ROCK & RAW 2014: Fabienne


Secret Company. Photo: Secret Company.

So proud that these indie lads are from my home town and sound bloody amazing. Creating a sound far beyond their young years, 80s indie never sounded so good with a sprinkling of pixie dust to finish it off. Listen to ‘Saviour’ after the click!

ROCK & RAW 2014: Secret Company


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