So the weathers getting warmer and we’re getting ever so close to the summer and yep you guessed it.. festival season!

I for one am incredibly excited with many a festival etched in the diary, so in sticking with that, the April playlist has a tonne of good feeling summer vibes. It’s all a little chillwave with a bit of rock and rap chucked in for good measure.

I Got U ft Jax Jones – Duke Dumont

It’s probably embarrassing the number of times I’ve played this track on my iPod already, but I don;t care as it’s puts me in the best mood! I love the Jamaican steel drums over the house beat it just works so well!

Waves (Robin Schulz Remix) – Mr.  Probz

Another one with far too many iPod plays but again another amazing combination of a classic instrument with a house beat. The vocal in this are gorgeous as well! Get me to the beach!

Cinderella (She Said Her Name) – Bob Sinclar

This song is actually kind of romantic and beautiful which I think it was makes it even better. But it’s techno vibe break down and vocal sample are a perfect pair in this one. It’s a total game changer for Sinclar and he should stick with it.

Changes – FAUL & Wad Ad vs Pnau

Another chillwave track that uses the classix saxaphone to give it a jazz edge. It just works okay?

Hideaway – Kiesza

Seriously where did this girl come from!? She’s just suddenly appeared and grabbed the no.1 spot with her debut track and it’s pretty darn good! 

Summer – Calvin Harris

I can’t help but like this guys stuff. A great dance track as always from the newly transformed DJ hottie.

Gonna Make My Own Money – Deep Vally

Yeah I know it’s a year old but these two ladies still fucking rock. This has always been one of my favourite tracks and get me in the mood to rock out at a festival.

The Edge – Tonight Alive

My current obsession is the new Spidey. Seriously go and see it. IT IS THE BEST FILM YOU WILL SEE THIS YEAR. FACT. So naturally as Tonight Alive (a band I love purely because they fit nicely into the female-led punk pop genre) have done a track I love that too. Can’t help myself to a bit of punk-pop under killer female vocals.

Sweetest Thing – The Pretty Reckless

As always these guys along with the viper that is Taylor Momsen have produced a hard rocking track from one bloody good album. Warning: the riffs in this track could make your eyes water.

Cry – The Used

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to these guys, but as there new album ‘Imaginary Enemy’ came out not too long ago I thought it was about time they got my attention again. Yeah it sounds like The Used but I still can’t help but love them. This tracks got a pretty sweet catchy vibe too it as well.

100 (ft. WatchTheDuck) – Iggy Azalea

Oh Iggy how my love of you grows as you fill my obsession with strong females. The New Classic was by no way a let down and this track has become one of my favourites with its summer guitar vibes. 

Peace out!

Sam :)

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ROCK & RAW 2014: Jakwob, Cuckoo Lander & The Montauk Project


Jakwob. Photo: Jakwob.

He fed my love of house music with this new track. It’s pounding beat paired with Tiffani’s seductive vocals are perfect for the dancefloor.

ROCK & RAW 2014: Jakwob


CuckooLander Press Shot

CuckooLander. Photo: CuckooLander.

This female has incredible bite with fierce yet delicate debut single ‘Dum Dee Diddy Dum’. Big thanks to Charli XCX for pointing me in the direction of this one as CuckooLander’s her touring drummer. She’s bloody cool already and her track sure puts her in the ranking for 2014.

ROCK & RAW 2014: CuckooLander


The Montauk Project. Photo: Effective Immediately PR.

The Montauk Project. Photo: Effective Immediately PR.

Huge thankyou to a friend for pointing me in the direction of these psychedelic rockers. ‘Lady In White’ has some brilliant 80s infused guitar riffs and with these five American punk rockers pulling together influences from some the legends including Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Nirvana, they make an incredible racket!

ROCK & RAW 2014: The Montauk Project

March Playlist 2014

Hi all!

Huge apologies for the monthly silence! Things have got rather busy working weekdays and weekends! But that has by no means meant the music has stopped!

This month as always the genre’s are all over the place from the dance dub-step of Jakwob to the electrifying Scandi-pop of Katzenjammer (who are fucking brilliant by the way). It’s a crazy mix but in I think it’s all pretty killer stuff!

So without further ado here’s the March playlist!

Jakwob – Somebody New

This Londoner comes on stronger and stronger with each track. With a bouncing house beat added piano chords and seductive downbeat vocals from emerging artist Tiffani, the track speaks volumes, placing Jakwob firmly as one of the most talented producers around in 2014.

Katzenjammer – When the Laughter’s Gone

This song put me in an amazing mood. It’s country vibes and catchy warming chorus are infectious. You can’t help but want to get yourself into a rowdy Scandinavian pub with all the misfits and hooligans.

Linkin Park & Steve Aoki – A Light That Never Comes (Rick Rubin Reboot)

I hate to admit it, but this remix by Rick Rubin sounds better than the original by Linkin Park and Steve Aoki (BLASPHEMY!). But with it’s primal drum beat mixed with the tracks original piano chords it’s hard to hate. This is the type of track that shows just how well classical instruments sound mixed with contemporary rap and house music. Love running to this one.

Syron – Three Dreams

I’ve already ranted in other posts how much I love Syron. This is another incredible dance track from the feisty blondie. Welcome to the dancefloor. Ohohohohohohahhohhahhohh….

Nathaniel Rateliff – Don’t Get Too Close

Nathaniel Rateliff’s vocals are all you need to know about for this folk-indie track. You won’t hear anything that sounds as amazing as him over some simple guitar strums. The result is a real feel-good track from the Canadian. Real love for this beautifully bearded guy.

Nick Mulvey – Curcucoru

Another laid back guitar led track, taking me back to the days of Jack Johnson. Nick Mulvey has created a beautiful track with a brilliantly catchy melody. I can’t help listening to this, putting you right into the spirit of summer.

Tycho – Spectre

Sanp-Francisco’s Scott Hanson has hit the nail of head by creating a track taking you straight to back seat of Cadillac in the middle of the dessert. Echoing, cascading riffs mixed with electronica take you  to new highs of euphoria. With not a single vocal to speak of this is one wicked track.

The Fresh Dixie Project – Break, Bend and Fold

Already in love with these guys for completely modernising jazz music for 2014. The fast, intense swinging grooves in this track get you well on your way to a 1920’s prohibition party in some spangly dress. So refreshing.

Tiesto – Red Light

I’m a complete sucker for a mainstream dance track. This one just get’s me ready for a night out on the town. It’s a shallow reason but I can’t help myself!

CuckooLander – Dum Dee Diddy Dum

This little lady was a diamond find. Fierce femininity and darkness never paired as well as they do like CuckooLander and this track may be just the start of a new female frontier for 2014.

Secret Company – Saviour

80s indie four piece from my hometown that take you right to the heart of an Alice in Wonderland-esque valley. These guys are killer.

Peace out!

Sam :)

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Rock & Raw 2014: The Men, Samantha Crain & Gorgon City

The Men Picture: Stereo Sanctity PR

The Men Picture: Stereo Sanctity PR

Three more additions to this years Rock & Raw on Room: Art Uncovered magazine!

The first is The Men who have that kick-in-the-face high energy rock n’ roll thang down to a tea. Born and bred in Brooklyn, these lads know a thing or two about great guitar music, and their sound is about as raw as it gets! Take a listen too latest single Pearly Gates after the click.

ROCK & RAW 2014: The Men

Samantha Crain Photo: Brace Yourself PR

Samantha Crain Photo: Brace Yourself PR

Next up is this little gorgeous piece of American country-bumpkin. Samantha Crain has the intoxicating vocals of Feist or A Fine Frenzy but the lyrics of a true poet. She’s refreshingly honest and I can’t stop listening.

ROCK & RAW 2014: Samantha Crain

Gorgon City ft MNEK single cover Photo: Black Butter Records

Gorgon City ft MNEK single cover Photo: Black Butter Records

Last up is a track that is slowly taking over the charts with its well-loved house beat and MNEK’s warming vocals. Gorgon City are well on their way to becoming one of the biggest dance acts of 2014. Move over Rudimental.

ROCK & RAW 2014: Gorgon City

Hope your all having an amazing day!

Peace out!

Sam 🙂

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January Playlist Week 2


This is a little late this week as I’ve had mountains of work to do with a feature I’m working on for February issue of Rooms, waitressing and working out! (The new sports gears getting plenty of use!).

But here’s some of the new things I’ve been listening too this week whether its been in the car driving about or in my room getting ready for whatever I’m going too. Plus as before I’ve put together a YouTube playlist for you 🙂

Ellie Goulding – Goodness Gracious, Under Control & Stay Awake

It’s actually been quiet a bit of Ellie Goulding as I decided after hearing her new single ‘Goodness Gracious’ I downloaded a couple of the new tracks from her album Halcyon Days. ‘Under Control’ ad ‘Stay Awake’ are incredible house/dubstep esque tracks compared to the more pop influenced tracks Goulding releases, which I much prefer! 😀 ‘Stay Awake’ is reminds me of ‘You, My Everything’ which I could not stop listening too when I heard it on Skins.

You Me At Six – Lived A Lie

You Me At Six have creeped back on as well reigniting my teenage punk rocker, I can’t really help falling for their catchy tunes!

Samantha Crain – I’m Never Going Back

A new artists is also on there in the form of Samantha Crain. I’ve grown to really like her after reviewing her album for Bring the Noise UK last week. She has a really cool western, country folk vibe and her lyrics are incredibly thought-provoking. She has a likeness to Feist and A Fine Frenzy who I also love so it was inevitable I’d like her too. 

Zedd ft Hayley Williams – Stay The Night

Zedd’s ‘Stay the Night’ I heard ages ago but it’s made a comeback on my playlist this week thanks to my girly pals! I’m a sucker for Hayley Williams incredible vocals anyway being a Paramore fan for a long time so I couldn’t help but not love this.

Clean Bandit – Rather Be (ft. Jess Glynne)

I was confused that this track was iTunes top single download as I’d never heard of it at all! But I gave it a preview and loved it. The added violins that go into a techno tune are great and Jess Glynne’s voice in gorgeously rich. Hard to dislike as it sound like something Whitney Houston would come up it the 80s. It seems the world has some good taste in music! Some faith has been restored! haha!

We Are The In Crowd – The Best Thing

Another pop-punk love of mine. Love the kick in the face chorus and punchy attitude of this track.

Say Lou Lou – Better In the Dark

These Swedish twin sisters are incredibly defined in their music, with eerie synth-pop they’re well on their way to becoming the next big thing.

Imagine Dragons – On Top Of The World

This is a pretty old one really, but recently I love listening to this again as I can’t stop watching The Croods! If you haven’t seen it go watch it! Its ace! This track is so feel good anyway if you’re in a bad mood it cheers you up straight away 🙂 I saw these guys live before Christmas and their insanely good too so I often turn to album Night Visions when I need some feel good songs to sing along too!

Have an amazing day!

Peace out!

Sam 🙂

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