So the weathers getting warmer and we’re getting ever so close to the summer and yep you guessed it.. festival season!

I for one am incredibly excited with many a festival etched in the diary, so in sticking with that, the April playlist has a tonne of good feeling summer vibes. It’s all a little chillwave with a bit of rock and rap chucked in for good measure.

I Got U ft Jax Jones – Duke Dumont

It’s probably embarrassing the number of times I’ve played this track on my iPod already, but I don;t care as it’s puts me in the best mood! I love the Jamaican steel drums over the house beat it just works so well!

Waves (Robin Schulz Remix) – Mr.  Probz

Another one with far too many iPod plays but again another amazing combination of a classic instrument with a house beat. The vocal in this are gorgeous as well! Get me to the beach!

Cinderella (She Said Her Name) – Bob Sinclar

This song is actually kind of romantic and beautiful which I think it was makes it even better. But it’s techno vibe break down and vocal sample are a perfect pair in this one. It’s a total game changer for Sinclar and he should stick with it.

Changes – FAUL & Wad Ad vs Pnau

Another chillwave track that uses the classix saxaphone to give it a jazz edge. It just works okay?

Hideaway – Kiesza

Seriously where did this girl come from!? She’s just suddenly appeared and grabbed the no.1 spot with her debut track and it’s pretty darn good! 

Summer – Calvin Harris

I can’t help but like this guys stuff. A great dance track as always from the newly transformed DJ hottie.

Gonna Make My Own Money – Deep Vally

Yeah I know it’s a year old but these two ladies still fucking rock. This has always been one of my favourite tracks and get me in the mood to rock out at a festival.

The Edge – Tonight Alive

My current obsession is the new Spidey. Seriously go and see it. IT IS THE BEST FILM YOU WILL SEE THIS YEAR. FACT. So naturally as Tonight Alive (a band I love purely because they fit nicely into the female-led punk pop genre) have done a track I love that too. Can’t help myself to a bit of punk-pop under killer female vocals.

Sweetest Thing – The Pretty Reckless

As always these guys along with the viper that is Taylor Momsen have produced a hard rocking track from one bloody good album. Warning: the riffs in this track could make your eyes water.

Cry – The Used

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to these guys, but as there new album ‘Imaginary Enemy’ came out not too long ago I thought it was about time they got my attention again. Yeah it sounds like The Used but I still can’t help but love them. This tracks got a pretty sweet catchy vibe too it as well.

100 (ft. WatchTheDuck) – Iggy Azalea

Oh Iggy how my love of you grows as you fill my obsession with strong females. The New Classic was by no way a let down and this track has become one of my favourites with its summer guitar vibes. 

Peace out!

Sam :)

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February Playlist

So we’re already a week into February! Crazy how the time seems to fly! Thought it was about time I did a playlist for this month though!

Things have got more mish mashed with a tonne of different genre’s flowing through my ears lately! I seem to have re-visited a lot of older tracks this week. I think that had something to do with Paramore releasing their video for ‘Ain’t It Fun’.

Paramore – Ain’t It Fun

This has always been my favorite song from their latest self-titled album. I love the added soul choir in the chorus and it’s just an all round uplifting kinda beat that makes me just want to sing along to this.

Iggy Azalea – Fancy (feat Charli XCX)

My obsession with Iggy Azalea is hard to explain as I hate artists like Nicki Minaj. But there’s something about Iggy, she’s far more raw and spits pure venom in all her tracks. ‘Fancy’ brings back her original sound, verging away from the more commercial stuff she’s been doing lately. The fact she got Charli XCX on this as well makes me love both these lovely ladies even more.

Anna Lunoe – Breathe

Only stumbled across Anna the other day and wished I heard her sooner. Love the dance-house vibes in her track with its thudding beat. Makes a great track to dance too.

Ella Eyre – Deeper

Gorgeous voice, great lyrics and a great soul house-esque track, much to the same as her fellow pals Rudimental.

Black Stone Cherry – Like I Roll

Been listening to old Black Stone Cherry all week. Been really in the mood for old school American rock sounds which I’ve always been a sucker for. This is a great track that puts you in a Cadillac on Route 66.

The Pretty Recklass – Going To Hell, My Medicine

Still can’t stop listening to their latest single ‘Going To Hell’, the heavy driving guitar riffs are to die for. Cannot wait for the album! ‘My Medicine’ is one of my old favorites so thought it deserved a place in here.

Syron – Colour Me In, Three Dreams (feat Horror Stories)

This girl is definitely my new obsession for 2014. Great voice and she’s all about the house which I am in love with at the moment. Plus she gorgeously edgy. Keep an eye on this one. 

Peace out!

Sam :)

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Legging – Punk Rave

Top: Old Topshop

Biker Jacket, Platform Boots, Chain Necklace & Fedora : H&M

It’s been an entire week since my last post! I’ve been so busy with my internship I haven’t had the energy or motivation to post any looks! But today I photographed a tonne that I’ve been wanting to wear so this week won’t be so empty!

I love these leggings! My parents were nice enough to buy them for my birthday last week and their so gorgeous! I would live in them if I could! They were so easy to style too as they pretty much speak for themselves. Punk Rave is a wicked brand!

The name of this one was inspired by The Pretty Reckless and their new single (which is ace by the way and I can’t stop listening to it!). People like Taylor Momsen really inspire my clothing and she’s fearless and fuck. Too much love for women in rock 😀

Peace Out!


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